One unique thing about St. Louis that often confuses non-natives (and some native St. Louisans) is that of the City/County relationships in the city.

Unlike most other cities in the US, the City and County are separate. Then, to complicate the matter, there are many smaller towns that make up what’s known as St. Louis County. All of these County towns and the City have their own property taxes.  So if you’re moving to the area chances are you’re going to have to do some heavy research into the property taxes of the specific area you’re looking at.

Property taxes City of St. Louis

The Residential Property Tax for St. Louis City in 2018 was 8.42 per $100. The effective tax rate is 1.6252%.

Check out this helpful information on the City of St. Louis Tax Rate for 2018.


St. Louis County

The average Residential Property Tax for St. Louis County in 2018 was 7.10 per $100. The effective tax rate is about 1.3488%

In St. Louis County, there are 24 tax districts (based on school districts) and sub codes. So there can be quite a bit of variance in the tax rates around St. Louis County.

St. Louis County has a Real Estate Property Tax Calculator you can use based on your address.

How To Calculate Your Property Taxes

The basic formula for calulating your property taxes is as follows…

Assessed Value / 100 x Tax Rate = Estimated Taxes

Here’s a cool tool to help you calculate your real estate property tax based on zip code.


Understanding real estate property taxes is complicated and can be really confusing on your own. For assistance in understanding the St. Louis real estate tax rates and help with any real estate questions, contact REsolutions.

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